Red Pine Lodge

On Beautiful Ivanhoe Lake

Tucked beneath a hill covered with red pine trees is the spacious ranch style building of "Red Pine Lodge". The lodge has a pleasant rustic lounge, a large dining-room and three modern bedrooms. This is an ideal family vacation centre. Here we have lovely white sandy beaches and modern cottages, completely furnished for housekeeping, suitable for 2 - 10 persons.
We also offer American Plan with delicious home-cooked meals served family style. Shore lunches are a must.

You've noticed it . . . Cities have sprawled out into the countryside, quiet fishing lakes have been transformed into aquatic playgrounds, and country lanes have become crowded super highways.

Yet man's need to relax in the great outdoors or cast a lure over a pool for walleye is more urgent than ever.

Red Pine Lodge is the place to go  . . . where you can fish without rubbing casting arms with other anglers, or seeing more hunters than game

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